Macabre...ish Horror Review: Constantine


Constantine, 2005/ 121 min.


A Mexican man, Manuel, finds The Spear of Destiny in the ruins of an old church, wrapped in a Nazi flag. He’s possessed and travels to the US. Meanwhile, in LA, a girl is possessed by a demon who’s trying to cross over into reality, which should be impossible. But John (Keanu Reeves) arrives to exorcise it. Capturing the demon is a mirror and destroying it by launching the mirror out of the window and onto the taxi below, which incidentally is his ride, driven by his apprentice Chas (Shia Loboeuf)



John Constantine is an exorcist, who does the work, attempting to buy his way into Heaven after it was forfeited by an attempted suicide in his youth. Seeking a reprieve from his impending death from lung cancer, he approaches the half angel Gabriel (Tilda Swinton)



and is informed that it won’t work because he does it for selfish reasons.



Upon being attacked by a demon, John informs Papa Midnite (Djimon Hounsou), a witch doctor who owns a club for half breeds and is neural ground. But he won’t believe it. The wager’s rules are being broken and John needs to find out why. He goes to Hell to search for a woman’s twin clairvoyant sister, Angela (Rachel Weisz).



He and Chas goes to the hospital, fights through an Army of half demons in order to exorcise Angela. Finally, John slits his wrists, killing himself again, in order to tell on Mammon



and inform Lucifer that his son is attempting to leave Hell. When Lucifer (Peter Stormare) arrives to collect Constantine’s soul himself, he’s surprise by the outcome.



This is good movie, with an excellent cast. Great characters! Half angels, half demons, bug demons, Balthazar and Hennessy. This is more a thriller than horror. I wouldn’t consider this a scary movie. No blood or gore.  Good story with so many MOMENTS and good concept with a great ending! Well done.



P.S. suicide warning


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