Macabre…ish Horror Review: Containment


Containment, 2016/ Season 1


In Atlanta a mysterious virus has broken out and one of the infected went home sick and spread it along the way. His doctor is infected and now in quarantine.


The Georgia Department of Public Health is briefed by the CDC that they are on the look out for the contagious patient.  It is presumed to be ‘just the flu’ but so far, they can’t identify what kind of flu.


In the mean time, it is spreading like wild fire. Children on a field trip at the hospital also have to be quarantined. This virus is an anomaly, they need to move quickly or a lot more than Atlanta will be at risk.


And when the authorities finally do find the home of the patient, Sayid, they discovered he was just recently on a plane from the Middle East. Amongst his belongings was a vile containing the virus. It is assumed he introduced it into the hospital and he is patient zero.


The symptoms of this virus is like rabies, with hemorrhaging, followed by a series of seizures. Sayid is soon dead. And his doctor was put in quarantine and died shortly thereafter. Her boyfriend who she kissed goodbye, dead. The virus is extremely pathogenic, highly contagious and fatal for 100% of it’s victims. The hospital is locked down for 48 hours.


Then all mass transit is locked down, large gatherings are cancelled. By the evening, all of Atlanta is in quarantine. Fences are erected, streets cordoned off, there is no movement into or out of the city. The citizens are ordered to stay home.


They hope it’ll be over in 48 hours. Maybe it would have been but they missed someone, there’s a random white girl in Sayid’s phone who is unaccounted for and his mother has no idea who or where she is. And she’s infected.


It’s not long until the city devolves into chaos.


Sadly, this is only one season but it is very well done and fast paced. There’s a good mixed cast and  cinematography. Expect blood and violence, this is the beginning of an apocalypse and so this dystopian. And stops just short of being a zombie apocalypse movie. Too bad it didn’t last long, it was well done and one of the cast is a guest on my upcoming podcast episode, Macabre…ish Cults, Classics & Horrors. Find is anywhere there are podcasts.