Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cooties



Cooties, 2014/ 94 min.



Welcome to Fort Chicken, Illinois, home of the tainted chicken nugget that was then fed to elementary students. But first we get to watch these heinous nuggets being made from the beginning, starting with a chicken having it’s neck rung, processed plus a few maggots and turned into slurry. The finished product, a nugget with disturbing black spots on it.



The first sign something is wrong in Fort Chicken Elementary is when aspiring horror writer/substitute teacher starts class, and a student pulls a pony tail right off of another student’s head. The student in question is covered in boils and is becoming increasingly feral. She response by mauling that child’s face. P.S. Most of the kids are terrors and the adults are angry and jaded.


This fun little bug is spread throughout the school through biting but mostly scratching. This virus doesn’t effect adults or teens (who only get flu-like symptoms), like prepubescent kids who are turned into murderous little zombies. Who immediately start killing and eating the adults.


And playing with the parts...


An autopsy is done on one of the kids, Dink, and it is discovered that his brain is mostly dead and the hope is recovering some of the infected nuggets in order to make a vaccine. Eventually the infection spreads around town.


This movie is gory, bloody and graphic. The effects are ok. Has a stoner comedy feel, the humor is awkward and kind of embarrassing. Elijah Woods, Rainn Wilson and Jorge Garcia are in this one.