Macabre...ish Horror Review: Corona Zombies



Corona Zombies, 2020/ 61 min.




The Virus breaks out and originates from  Scambells Soup Factory and quickly spreads out of control and people kill each other over toilet paper.


This has lots of social commentary and this movie makes fun of everything.  Also, it’s kind of strange to watch a movie that looks like a 70s movie but they’re talking about Youtube and Uber.


Also, the audio is English voice over but in that old martial art movie style. The mix of nostalgic horror and current events is really trippy.


This movie has that spoof feel and starts at like a 90s teen horror but soon turns into a cross between Airplane and the original Dawn of the Dead, with a little The Gods Must Be Crazy 2. This movie mixes Covid facts including actual news clips and ridiculous old horror film tropes. Also there is plenty of non pc comedy. The physical effects and gore are old school terrible and fits right in with the cinematography and the score.


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