Macabre...ish Horror Review: Creep


Creep, 2004/ 84 min.


This is a British/German film with Franka Potente, if you search for it...


Two London sewage workers discover an unfamiliar tunnel, the veteran, Arthur, starts to explore the tunnel alone but after a while is followed by the newbie, George, who hears a woman screaming and finds Arthur injured and in shock. Then an injured woman jumps out, yelling for help and is yanked back into the dark.





Later, a young German woman, Kate (Franka Potente), after being left by her friend, Jemma, to search for George Clooney at another party, heads to Charing Cross station to catch up with her. But she falls asleep on the platform and wakes up alone and locked in. When an empty train arrives, she boards it but then it stops and goes dark. While searching for help she runs into an intoxicated coworker, Guy, who's advances she's rejected all evening. His flirting quickly escalates to attempted rape, interrupted by a stranger who drags him away. When Guy emerges, covered in blood, he warns her to run before he's yanked back down.





Kate runs and runs into a Scottish, Jimmy and Mandy, couple living in a store room with their dog. They with the guard go searching for Guy and find him maimed, Mandy is then kidnapped.





Kate and a despondent Jimmy are now desperate to find a way out and travel the tracks, until Kate falls into the sewer system.





She's captured and caged with sewer worker, George, in the sewer near an abandoned medical facility. Jars of fetuses line the walls. An unconscious Mandy is strapped to a rusty surgical chair.





And a deranged deformed man, miming a surgeon, wearing a filthy gloves and surgical gown, is about to disembowel her with a bone saw. Kate and George escape their cages, can they escape the tunnels?






This movie is bleak, creepy and crazy. Expect it to be graphic, bloody and gory. Also expect tons of rats. Very few people in this movie and they chose the right ones! Well done, I really enjoyed it. The end is oddly powerful.




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