Macabre...ish Horror Review: Creep Van



Creep Van, 2012/ 1 hr 20 min



Two troublemakers try to break into the van and one is sheared off at the waist while crawling through the window. This story follows the lives of exactly the kind of people that would be attracted too or interact with this van.


The van is later put up for sale but it is a ruse to get more victims. After the odd hitchhiker, curious beach babe and car thief stop being enough.


Then the driver takes over the local mechanic shop/gas station after killing the owner and a customer. Then a car wash. This guy is rapidly escalating.


The characters are random and ridiculous and this movie is very like Rubber, the characters are and aren’t the focus, the deadly van definitely is. There is a driver but the driver is presented in the third person like older horror movies, where you mostly only see his silhouette, hands and feet. Until the end.


It’s essentially a 90s slasher and the weapon is a van. There are ridiculous characters and story lines but the kills and kill effects are nice. This isn’t just a van running people over, it is outfitted to kill. Everything about it is a death trap. The deaths are wild enough to get me to continue watching, in order to see the next kill.

Oh and there are adult scenes and nudity.