Macabre...ish Horror Review: Creepers


Creepers aka Phenomena, 1985/ 116 min.

After a student misses her bus, she let’s herself into the nearest house, seeking help and is attacked by a person that was chained inside.
Afterward, we visit Donald Pleasance aka Dr. John McGregor, who apparently is taking a break from helping/hunting Michael Myers, to examine a ‘maggot’ infested head, in the search of a missing girl and a serial killer.

In the midst of this murder mystery is a Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connelly who also had wild dreams in Labyrinth) who sleepwalks and has visions of the murders. Dr. McGregor thinks she may be psychic. The headmistress of her boarding school however, believes she may be the killer and has her committed to a hospital for the criminally insane.

Dr. McGregor tries to help her find the killer and clear her of suspicion. But they are out of their depth and more people die before we understand what’s going on.

This is an Italian mystery horror (giallo!) by Dario Argento. There’s a lot going on in this movie psychic phenomena with insects, a girl and a pet monkey, that ends in a putrid pit of maggot and body parts soup. The score is wild and though good, distracted me from the story.

Gross physical effects, maggots, worms, bugs and guts.

It was cool to see so many recognizable faces from other movies I love but I can’t say I found this movie scary.