Macabre...ish Horror Review: Creepshow 2



Creepshow 2, 1987/ 92 min. This is the second installment of the anthology by the dynamic duo, Stephen King (shorts based on his stories) and George Romero (screenplay).  





One story of a Native American statue coming to life after low lives kill the couple who own the local store and steals valuables from them, that represented the wealth of the local tribe. After the carnage is over, the statue is found back at his post in front of the store, still holding the scalp of one of the criminals.








Another is about some friends who go out to a lake and become stranded in the water when they are stalked by a menacing and deadly oil slick looking blob. Once they discover it’s alive and consuming what it catches, it’s only a matter of time before it gets them and it does. One horrific and alarming attack at a time. 


It’s still gruesome and gory, plenty of interesting deaths. Also some adult scenes and nudity. Good graphics! Always leaves me wanting more. 







Along the same vein as Creepshow is Twilight Zone the movie, Body Bags , Tales from the Crypt and Cat’s Eye! I’ll make sure their all linked so their easy to watch. Want to watch Creepshow 2 now, it’s here on itunes. Enjoy!!






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