Macabre...ish Horror Review: Creepshow 2019


Creepshow, 2019/ Season 1



Grey Matter: A kid comes in from a storm and tells his neighbor’s something is wrong with his Dad and he’s spooked. Btw his dad has a drinking problem that he picked up after losing his wife. Then he begin to change. Not normal alcoholic changes but slime producing, light sensitive, monstrous changing. And he’s insatiable.


This episode was intriguing but really rushed. The scope was to big for so little time, could have been great given more time. Gory and graphic. Kind of a confusing end.


The House of the Head: A little girl with a dollhouse finds her dolls in different positions than she left them and they look alarmed. On the doll coffee table sits a zombie doll head...that wasn’t there before. Every time Evie comes back...the dolls have moved. Including the new zombie head. And she’s also becoming more afraid. Then the horror escapes the dollhouse.


The episodes seem to be getting progressively better!



Bad Wolf Down: American soldiers find a lot worse behind enemy lines and an unexpected enemy because an unlikely ally. Expect purposeful old school effects and plenty of nods to horror movies.



The Finger: This is a narrated episode about a divorced guy in L.A. who collects found objects. One of which is a nonhuman finger. And one day the finger absorbs spilled water. Then escapes it’s containment and begins to grow. Then his ex-wife dies...and a whole lot of other gruesome stuff begins showing up in his house. This one is very interesting. A little cheese, a little grue, a little comedy...great trifecta. I really enjoyed it!


All Hallows Eve: A group of teens, the Golden Dragons, meet up one last time to go trick or treating. And at each door, they’re met with fear. These are not your typical trick or treaters.


The Man in the Suitcase: Justin brings home the wrong suitcase from the airport and there’s a man inside. And he coughs up gold coins as a reaction to pain. And when greed gets the best of friends, they get a lot more than gold fever.



This one was crazy and up until the very end! Good episode!! Very unexpected.


The Companion: A kid running and hiding from his abusive brother accidentally wakes up a sleeping nightmare. A scarecrow made as a companion by a lonely man who lost his wife. Then made into a weapon.

This one is unexpectedly terrible and sad. Nicely done.



Lydia Layne’s Better half: Betrayal, double crosses and an accident leads to a bad plan made worse by mother nature. She wanted a partner to spend the rest of her life with, she may get her wish.

 This one is a creepy, gory psychological thriller.


I enjoyed the Creepshow reboot! The episodes above are from season 1. It’s nit all of them but most. I didn’t love all the episodes but the show kept my attention and I wanted to watch more. And I enjoyed the different array of horror. It was nicely done!






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