Macabre...ish Horror Review: Creepshow



Creepshow, 1982/ 2 hr 10 min. A horror series with 5 terrifying tales made by 2 masters of horror, written by Stephen King and directed by George Romero. 





We’ve got one story of a man who discovered a meteorite on his property and after touching the liquid that oozed out of it, the ensuing ‘plant’ life that spread to everything the liquid touched, including the the man who touched it, Jordy. Unwilling to live as as some kind of otherworldly plant monster, he shoots himself.





Another story of a wealthy germaphobe who’s obsession with cleanliness and insects, drives him mad when his penthouse becomes filled with roaches and consumes him.





If you are grossed out by roaches...just skip this one. 





A third about a miserable shrew of a wife, whose husband gets a great idea to get rid of her by luring her to a crate, housing an insatiable monster, which is located in a crawl space under the stairs of a university. 





Lots of recognizable faces. Bloody, gory and graphic. Jump scares. Good effects. If you haven’t seen Creepshow, then it’s about time! It’s campy, nostalgic and fun! It’s horror that doesn’t take it’s self to seriously and yet is still eerie and sometimes downright terrifying. Live action movie intertwined with horror comics and animation. Very well done!


If you enjoyed this one, it is just one of two and you may be interested in Body Bags and Twilight Zone. Enjoy!!



Interested in watching, it is available here on itunes. Enjoy!










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