Macabre...ish Horror Review: Critters

Critters, 1986/ 85 min. The Krites’ (Critters) have stolen a ship and escaped a maximum security prison asteroid, they are heading toward unsuspecting planet Earth, they are searching for a source of food. These creatures are ravenous and will devour everything edible so bounty hunters have been dispatched to find and destroy them before their destruction spreads further. 


Oh and about the bounty hunters, they are just as destructive as the Critters plus, they’re shape shifters and adopt the appearance of humans, as they search for the Krites.


Hot on their tail they arrive at a small town and follow their path of devastation, destroyed property and bloody livestock remains. As well as eggs, because they are not only growing rapidly but breeding rapidly, as well. And the towns people are struggling to defend themselves against these ferocious little aliens as their numbers grow out of control.


One of the townies, local conspiracy theorist, Charlie, joins the bounty hunters on their quest to eradicate the Critters.


This movie is quintessential 80s fare, wholesome family, small town setting with the addition of graphic violence, blood and gore. It’s also a dark comedy and expect some adult language. There are 3 more movies (that I have!) in this franchise so stay tuned! Enjoy!



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