Macabre...ish Horror Review: Critters 2


Critters 2, The Main Course, 1988/ 86 mins. This is a direct sequel to the original, complete with the original cast for the most part. It’s been 2 years and this time the bounty hunters have to turn around and head back to earth because they are alerted that the Krites laid eggs and left them on earth and that’s a problem. They have to return and destroy them. Once again the town is at risk of destruction by the newly hatched Critters.


Bradley returns to town and Harv, the town sheriff, has retired, and Charlie is returning a bounty hunter. Everyone is back in town just in time for more Critter chaos. 


The eggs end up in a second hand shop being sold as Easter Eggs, the ones that don’t hatch in the shop are quickly spread around town.


Easter is right around the corner and these ‘Easter Eggs’ are ready for the hunt! Get ready for an adorably terrifying nightmare, no one and nothing is safe from these hatchlings. Anything and anyone, edible and easy to get to gets eaten.


Just like the first movie, this one is graphic, violent, gory and funny.  The effects are the same quality and the Krites are still very well done. There are more kills, violence and silly Critter antics than the first. This is a good continuation, it would be easy to watch this movie and the last, back to back.


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