Macabre...ish Horror Review: Critters 3


Critters 3, 1991/ 86 min. This is Leonardo DiCaprio’s first movie y’all! A vacationing family pulls over at a rest area, in a small town and meet Charlie hiding in a hole in the ground, always on alert for Critters. He tells the story of the Critter’s in Grover’s Bend, years ago (btw it’s the same character and continuity is good!) complete with flash back.


A family accidentally runs over Krite eggs and gives one a ride back to town and the chaos begins again. This time in a tenement building where the inhabitants are being forced out by a apathetic handyman and building owner. The basement is filled with Krites and the tenants have no idea they’re in danger until it’s too late.


Typical tropes...Only one person in the building believes the stories of the Krites and Grover’s Bend and people are seemingly too helpless to save themselves when faced with the Critters, so it’s up to kids in the building to try to save these hapless adults.


Theres violence and blood but nothing crazy, it’s rated PG 13. 


P. S. Movie continues through the credits.




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