Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cry Wolf


Cry Wolf, 2005/ 90 min.

The movie starts with a girl being chased in the woods by someone and is killed after her ringing phone alerts the killer. The setting is a prep school, Westlake Preparatory Academy and a group of students sneak out and play a game called Cry Wolf. The game is played by choosing a ‘wolf’ and they have to figure out who it is. Then they get the idea to expand the game to include the entire campus. A fake email is created and sent out telling everyone that a serial killer is on the loose and goes from campus to campus, killing students. They describe the killer as wearing a camouflage jacket and orange ski mask, weapon of choice is a hunting knife. And they describe the supposed victims, including the actual victim killed recently in the area.


The first is described as the town slut who got lost in the woods and is shot in the face. The second killed while looking in the mirror, a victim of her own narcissism. The third, a misogynistic self mitigating, ‘de-virginizer’, castrated in the Chapel. The fourth, a prima donna wanna-be actor, get’s his intestines ripped out. The Campus Queen gets tongue ripped out and finally, the good guy who falls for the bad girl and dies or a broken heart.


The email spreads quickly and Owen receives and instant message from someone using the name ‘Wolf’. And a threat...Be careful what you wish for..


The group of friends immediately blame each other for the message and begin pranking each other as a result and the paranoia sets in. A person is lurking the school fitting the description of the ‘murderer’, people begin to disappear and in the same way their original ‘victims’ died and secrets are uncovered.



First off, the movie is visually orange and took me a good 10 minutes to get used to it again and it has that 90s feel. There are some jump scares and some blood but it’s pretty mild. It takes a while for the movie to pick back up again. Also, Jon Bon Jovi is in this one. All in all it’s a quintessential teen slasher flick and it’s pretty good! Even has some pretty good twists.


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