Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cube 2: Hypercube




Cube 2: Hypercube, 2002/ 94 min.


The next installment of Cube and follows the same pattern of kidnapping strangers, imprisoning them and putting them through the paces of surviving one trap after another. But there are plenty of differences in this movie, in comparison to the others.



It’s more sci-fi than anything. So it’s more ...ish than macabre. First, is the look of the Cube, the rooms are bright, more streamline, with a futuristic feel. The captives in this movie get to keep their clothes and other personal effects.




This movie is alot more sci-fi than horror, compared to the other movies. There are still plenty of messed up deaths and traps but there are also things like rooms with no gravity, and what I can only describe as alternative reality rooms, alternative universe and dimension rooms...listen there’s a ton of Physics going on here that are just not present in the other films.



The end was a heart breaker but I can’t say I was surprised after all this. I definitely appreciated the differences because you want something more once your in the land of prequels and sequels. There’s some violence but this is the least violent of the trio. You’d watch this for the sci-fi not the gore.


Want to watch?! It’s here on itunes. Enjoy!!


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