Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cube Zero





Cube Zero, 2004/ 97 min.



The prequel to Cube. Same idea, people are kidnapped and put in this cube. The difference though is it’s more of a prison and but the people that are put in are seemingly enemies of whatever corporation or state that built and runs it. And the captives are not meant to get out, though it is, theoretically, possible.





This movie is much grittier than the original and Hypercube, which are both very futuristic and sterile, the second more so than the former. This one has that rusty, dirty, kind of steam punk Alien movie feel to it, where it’s very mechanical but at the same time has some next level technology that doesn’t seem to fit with the level of grit.




This story is more about testing the first incarnation of the cube, all of its horrific features, as well as the security, relative to the ingenuity and moxy of the people put inside. We get to see the ‘administration’ behind it and find out that, even they are not what they seem. That there are more than one type of captivity here and the punishment for everything, is always the Cube.





We also get to see more traps at play here so it’s more graphic than the original, gorier for sure. Very good extension of the story and we do find out how at least one person ends up in the Cube in the original movie. The cinematography and effects are good! I really enjoy this franchise!


Available here at itunes! Enjoy!!



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