Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cujo



Cujo, 1983/ 2 hr 44 min.

This movie is a perfect storm of events. Vic and Donna’s (Dee Wallace) marriage is imploding, she’s cheating with a high school boyfriend, and Vic, he’s not doing well at work and has to go out of town.

Then Donna needs repairs on their old Pinto and visits the Cambers, Joe, is a local mechanic. With his wife and son out of town, he was home alone when Cujo killed him and his alcoholic neighbor, before anyone could be alerted to Cujo’s condition.

So when Donna arrives to have to car worked on, with her young son, Tad (David Pintauro), in tow, the only one around is the rabid Cujo and her husband is out of town.

Cujo was a lovable St. Bernard until he was infected with rabies by bats while chasing a rabbit. Now he attacks everyone who makes a sound. When Donna tries to leave, the car’s alternator fails and she and Tad are trapped. Their every attempt at escape is foiled by Cujo. Days are passing and they are succumbing to dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Even when help arrives, Cujo thwarts it. If Donna and her son are going to survive this, she’ll have to handle Cujo herself. Very nostalgic and heavy. Totally forgot how long this movie was but still good!