Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cupid


Cupid, 2020/ 1 hr 23 min.


A man’s date is interrupted by his frantic daughter who explained she summoned the demon, Cupid, after her Dad cheated on her Mom. And it worked and everyone was killed but he does not believe it until his date gets an arrow in the eye.


Cupid is not the god of love but a vengeful demon. To summon him is to summon death.


It is Valentine’s Day and the high school is throwing a Valentine’s Day Ball and a student has summoned cupid in order to woo a teacher. Then a bully pulls a cruel prank plus blackmail on the student and teacher after stealing the teacher’s phone.


Fae is totally humiliated and does the summoning ritual again, this time for vengeance against her bullies and everyone in the school, calling the end of love. And for 24 hours on Valentines Day, Cupid will lay waste to whoever’s left in the school. Unless they can find a way to stop it. 

This is an English horror film and it’s a pretty good concept and story. It took a minute to tell the story in the beginning and between summonings but the gap was filled by a bully and her shenanigans. Cupid looks heinous and many of the kills were unique but the blood effects weren’t great. The gory kill effects are better and the ending is sudden and makes it feel incomplete. Not a bad Valentines Day flick, I’d watch it again.