Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cursed




Cursed, 2005/ 97 min.


After Zela (Portia de Rossi), a fortuneteller, gives Jenny (Mya) and Becky (Shannon Elizabeth) bad news, they leave in disgust but they probably should have listened because that same evening they end up in a terrible car accident. And as the occupants of the other car, siblings, Jimmy (Jesse Eisenberg) and Ellie (Christina Ricci), try to render aid, they are attacked by some kind of animal. The creature then drags Becky out of the wreckage and rips her in half. The official police record says she was attacked by a cougar or bear, despite the siblings insistence that it was a dog or wolf-like animal.


Ellie is having nightmares about turning into an animal and attacking her boyfriend, Jake (Joshua Jackson), she has catlike reflexes and is attracted to the smell of blood. Jimmy is getting freakishly stronger and all of his food is raw steak. And later, Jenny, friend to the recently departed Becky, meets her end in a parking garage, also mauled by an animal.


Jimmy starts researching werewolves and thinks that’s what’s attacking people in California. He proves they’ve been cursed by holding a sterling server and by the fact that their dog, Zipper, has turned into a hell hound after nipping him. Now he’s on a mission to convince his sister, Ellie, stop it and find out who infected them.


Between the original wolf, a jilted lover and the rampaging Zipper Monster, South California turns into a dangerous place. Dangerous and hilarious!


I enjoyed this for what it is but I will always wonder what it would have been if Wes Craven could have had his way. The CG does not make this movie better. I like the werewolf but not the transformation. There are moments that are funny that probably aren’t meant to be! It is also bloody and graphic. A lot of people who were popular in the 90s are in this one. This is awkwardly comedic and often times I wasn’t clear if it was meant to be or not.