Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cut


Cut!, 2014/ 1 hr 41 min.


This is the story of Travis Simon (David Rountree)...sort of, he manages a company that rents equipment out to film makers. And unfortunately he works with Lane (David Banks), a degenerate ex-con, who likes to beat up prostitutes and do drugs. He goes to jail for both pretty regularly and by the looks of things, he will again, soon.


The thing about Lane is he says exactly what’s on his mind, whether you like it or not. Nothing but the truth, as heinous as he can deliver it. He also makes his own videos but they mostly amount to sex tapes that he passes to Travis for feedback.


Travis has an idea of them making a movie, using the equipment in the warehouse and use the boss’ connections to distribute. But they are having creative differences because Lane wants all the effects to be real and just roll camera but Travis thinks that is insane.


They do a few film tests and from the beginning, it is a bad idea and only gets worse and deadlier with every attempt. And Lane becomes even more obsessed with the film being real. To say this plan goes off the rails is an under statement. And the twists are nice!


This flick is a bit of a surprise and well thought out. I would describe this as a movie about a bad movie being made terribly. I’ll it end it there so I don’t blow the punch lines. It is violent and bloody but not particularly graphic.


Gotta pay close attention but if you’re not a low budget film fan, you might not like this one.