Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dawn of the Dead


Dawn of the Dead, 1978/ 127 min.



The US is overrun by animated corpses that quickly overwhelm and attack the living, creating more flesh eating zombies. Cities are becoming overrun. Martial law is ordered and SWAT teams descend upon housing projects to dispatch the zombies and in rural areas, the National Guard is making headway.





Staff members from a news station in Philadelphia escape via traffic helicopter and take refuge in a mall. Blocking all entrances with trucks, and sequestering and clearing zombies out. During which, one of them, Roger is reckless and bitten. He takes some time to turn and the create their own living spaces in the mall and have a good time.





Peter kills Roger as soon as he turns.





Francine becomes pregnant and all emergency transmissions go down, suggesting the government with it. After many months in the mall, Francine presses them to leave, so they load the chopper with supplies. Meanwhile, motorcycle riding marauders break into the mall, allowing the zombies to flood in. In a rage, Stephen starts a gun battle with them and is shot and bitten.





Peter and Francine fly away to an uncertain and unknown destination.


I love this movie! Super nostalgic and I'm intrigued by stores in a 70s mall....guns being sold in the mall!


This was filmed over 4 months in Italy and the US. And mostly in Monroeville Mall. Graphic effects, bloody and racial slurs. There is a 2004 remake that Ken Foree is also in.





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