Macabre...ish Horror Review: Day of the Dead



Day of the Dead, 1985/ 1 hr 43 min.


Third in Romero’s Living Dead Series the zombie apocalypse has spread through out the world, out numbering the living hundreds of thousands to one. Everywhere is blighted and this movie begins with 4 people in a chopper, searching for other survivors. Their calls (by bullhorn btw??) are answered by zombies. And one of them is losing his grip.



These 4 search from their base, an underground bunker housing the remnants of scientists trying to find a solution and the soldiers ordered to protect them.  With hopelessness comes mutiny as everyone unravels in their own way and it’s downhill from there.



In desperation the soldiers, under the command of Capt. Rhodes, become more controlling and threatening and the scientists, more desperate to escape. The new penalty for disobedience is execution.



The experiments are dangerous and pointless. The head scientist, Dr. Logan aka Frankenstein, is losing his mind. Dr. Sarah Bowman, being the only woman, presents it’s own danger.


The power struggle between the 2 sides threatens to get them all killed.



The physical effects are so good! Gory gut spills, dismemberments and fantastic, graphic effects of specimens! Not as much zombie activity of other movies but still well done!



 I remember how much I love this movie every time I watch it! Want to watch?! It’s available here. Enjoy! 






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