Macabre…ish Horror Review: Daybreak


Daybreak, 2019/ Season 1


A series with strong Ferris Bueller/Parker Lewis in the apocalypse vibe, talking straight at the camera for a lot of the story.

Everyone over the age of 18 either melted or turned into ghoulies, they talk, sort of, they wander around repeating the last things they said. And killing, sometimes eating whatever they can get their hands on.

The bombs mutated the animals, making many of them giant, grotesque and more dangerous versions of themselves.  The kids have separated into different friend and group factions. And then there are roving cannibals, they wander the area hunting and capturing other kids. Not just that, some of these kids are pro-slavery and torture, they actively hunt other kids and give them the choice between one or both. It’s only been 6 months since the missiles fell and many kids definitely chose savagery.

The swearing is ridiculous and over the top. But the fight and scenes of heroism are hilariously realistic. There are psychos, street samurais, the fire bug Angelica, Soul Stealers and American Ninja Idol has replaced tv. It is part live show/part thunderdome and definitely deadly.

Our main character, Josh (Colin Ford), is looking for his crush, Sam (Sophie Simnett). The word is, the Soul Stealers abducted/recruited her. This group is the biggest, most violent and most heavily armed of the factions. Then there’s a fraudulent, Cardashyan, Eli (Gregory Kasyan), who is holed up in the mall. One of the few places that still has electricity and so far is untouched by the apocalypse.

I mentioned Ferris Bueller and guess who pops up in flashbacks?! Matthew Broderick! This series is very that, comedy drama vibe in addition the apocalypse. It’s not very graphic because…kids and is more comedic love sick teen searching for a girl and the back drop just happens to be the apocalypse. It’s entertaining enough to kill some time. Unless you’re a teen, you may not find this very interesting. But it paces well and anything can happen next.