Macabre...ish Horror Review: Daybreakers




Daybreakers, 2009/ 98 min.


In 2009 the human population has plummeted, the world’s vampire population is under threat of plague


Vamps with this condition are called subsiders.



and even the acquisition of blood have been corporatized. There are now so few humans left that they are being captured and harvested in lab farms.



The largest supplier of human blood is Bromley Pharmaceuticals. And they are hard at work on a synthetic blood so they can be released from their dependency on humans. When the head hematologist (Ethan Hawk) at Bromley encounters humans, then ‘subsiders’




and a human who was once a vampire (Willem Dafoe), he begins to see the answer to the worlds’ problems.


But upon trying to talk to his colleagues and brother (Michael Dorman) about it, he becomes a fugitive. Hiding out with human and vampire allies with a potential cure for vampirism, they are hunted by soldiers and trying to stay a step ahead.



When the dwindling group is cornered, the only way to get the ruling vampires to see the light is to let starvation and their nature, take it’s course. And instead of vampire nature destroying the world, it becomes the world’s salvation. Whether they like it or not.



This is an interesting vampire world movie. Good cinematography and effects, intriguing concept, great cast. Very well done!


 If it is not streaming anywhere then it’s always available here on itunes. Enjoy!!






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