Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead Alive

Dead Alive, 1993. 97 mins. A son, Lionel, cares for his domineering mother and he discovers she’s been bitten by the cursed Sumatran Rat Monkey. (Think zombie rat) Well how did that happen? It bit the woman when she got to close to its enclosure at the zoo.


Now she’s very different from her normal self, most notably she’s dead, sort of. And she’s more horrible than her typical terrible self. She’s a murderous, insatiable monster. She attacks and kills everyone in her path until the house is filled with zombies as her son desperately tries to keep it all under control and keep her from attacking anyone else. He even gets her a funeral and had her buried but she won’t stay in the ground.


Lionel becomes an outcast in town after everything he does to try to keep this all under control. It’s just one disastrous event after another.


This is a wacky gory movie. Very bloody, gory, graphic, disgustingly gruesome. The kills are overblown, over the top ridiculous. 

Crazy effects in this movie! There’s zombies sex and zombie pregnancy and finally a zombie baby is born. 


This film is a Peter Jackson production. Enjoy!


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