Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead Body


Dead Body, 2017/ 1 hr 25 min


Friends (plus a few strangers!) gather for a weekend graduation celebration at a family cabin. Seems to be a miserable good time as people arrive who are not only, not friends but also not invited.



They try to salvage this vacation and play a game called Dead Body. One of them is secretly the killer and the lights are turned out for one minute and everyone hides. The murderer then pinches someone and that person is out. And if you find the victim, you call out ‘Dead Body’. The Murderer, could call Dead Body then play innocent. And then everyone regroups and they try to figure out who the killer is. If you falsely accuse someone, you’re out!


Once they get the hang of it, they play except people are actually dead. Some are still in the mindset of the game and what so figure out who did it, while others want to arm themselves and get help.


It takes them a minute to realize that it must be one of them who’s playing the game for real. If not, the someone would have had to sneak in from the woods without being seen and they have to still be in the house.


So they are forced to play the game to prove that none of them did it. Except that is not what happens.


This flick wasn’t bad. The first kills weren’t great but they definitely got better as the movie went on. Somewhat graphic. It has a I Know What You Did Last Summer/ Scream feel to it. If you liked any of the Truth or Dare movies you could be into this one.