Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead Before Dawn



Dead Before Dawn, 2012/ 88 min.


Casper, is scared of everything since his Dad died in a freak accident in The Occult Barn, owned by his granddad, Horus (Christopher Lloyd).



One day, Casper works at the shop in Horus’ absence and is warned to keep everyone away from a skull capped urn, that apparently holds a malevolent spirit. If it is let out, the person who releases it, is cursed.


So of course, he immediately, uses the urn to try to impress his crush in front of his friends and of course, quickly drops it. He tries to warn them but they laugh him off and announce a curse of their own.



Anyone they make eye contact with before 10 pm, will kill themselves and come back to live as a ‘zemon’(a zombie with a demon inside). And anyone his kisses one (why would anyone do that??) becomes their slave. Oh and to spread the zemon curse, all it takes is a hickey. Then that person kills themself and returns a possessed zombie. Got it! Ok...


One more thing, they only have until the morning to reverse this curse or it’s forever. Of course they take none of this seriously and go to a football game and making eye contact with everyone!



This movie is as wacky as it is gruesome. I found many of the deaths hilarious. This is a horror comedy and it’s ridiculous fun. You either enjoy it or you don’t.








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