Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead House




Dead House, 2014/ 1 hr 15 min


The movie opens with a group of criminals are forcing a couple to have sex, which they are recording, in front of their daughter, who’s life they are threatening if the pair don’t perform. This is a snuff film and the family doesn’t survive it, as expected. And all before the credits roll.


Then a scientist is home with his family, wife and two children, and he has his own lab in the basement, complete with specimens. And this is the next house and family chosen by the trio of degenerates for their next gruesome production and a little burglary.


But this time, the group may have met their match with what’s in the basement. And that may be this family’s only chance at survival. If they survive it themselves.



This movie is a hard watch. Be warned.

The monster make up is good! This is gory, bloody and graphic, also expect sexually graphic, adult scenes, nudity, sexual assault and torture. This is like two different horror flicks in one, more than one kind of monster. More than one kind of horror.