Macabre…ish Horror Review: Dead Mary



Dead Mary, 2007/ 103 min



After a rough start, friends, Bryce Baker (Steven McCarthy), Kim (Dominique Swain),  Matt (Jefferson Brown), Lily (Maggie Castle), Dash (Michael Majeski), Eve (Marie-Josée Colburn) and Amber (Reagan Pasternak) take a trip to a cabin for vacation, it is awkward because two of them are exes and it’s all anyone can talk about. Until they start in on other people’s bad relationships.



One evening they talk about an old game called Dead Mary, like Bloody Mary, you have to go into the restroom and say Dead Mary three times, in the dark with a candle. So they all take turns doing that. It’s creepy but nothing really happens until after they go to bed.


Matt wakes up in a cold sweat and hears something outside, it sounds like something’s on the roof and so he investigates it. Lily, who was outside insists Matt is dead and she claims Eve killed him but she’s still in the house.


They all go out to find him and he is mutilated and ripped up but somehow he’s still moving and talking. He also seems to be healing in front of their eyes while he confronts everyone with their secrets. But then Lily hits him in the head with a shovel and doesn’t stop until he’s dead again.


Then they turn on each other. Dead Matt really damaged their trust in each other and now they’re all paranoid. And with the shovel still in him, Matt is resurrecting again. So they burn him and tied Lily up, just in case, she was the last person to see him alive.


The paranoia gets to out of control that they want to do a test to see if everyone is themselves. Starting with Lily, they want to cut off her hands to see if they grow back. They are fully convinced that they conjured Dead Mary and any of them could be possessed.


And it would seem that they all were right to be paranoid.


This movie was paced and cast well. The effects are really good and gory. This is also violent and there is some torture. This was very well done. I enjoyed it.