Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead Snow

Dead Snow is a 2009 movie about friends going to a cabin for an Easter ski vacation to take a break from med school but instead, inadvertently create a nightmare they have to fight to survive. Inside the cabin the friends find a small cache of gold, hidden in the floor and at that moment they awaken a horror, Zombies and Nazi Zombies, at that. Nazi’s, who even in death, hunt and kill all perceived threat to ‘their’ ill gotten gains, these zombies arise from beneath the snow of the Norwegian Alps. 


How they came to be here was because the area, Øksfjord, was a key harbor for Nazi battleships during WW2. They terrorized and stole all valuables from the people of this area until, the 3000 residents fought back and the remaining Nazis retreated, with their treasure, into the mountains and succumbed to the harsh weather and perished. 


This is one of my favorite zombie movies! It’s got a solid story. The Nazi zombies look menacing as hell.


They’re brutal and fast moving, well for snow. The kills are bloody, gory and graphic. It’s also somewhat comedic. The friends run and fight like hell to survive. Great movie! This is a Norwegian movie, audio is in Norwegian or English, with English and Spanish subtitles. And the movie is 92 minutes long. 



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