Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dead Snow 2

Dead Snow 2, a continuation of the original but with more comedy. Released in 2014, the story continues following Martin and what happens after he escapes the ill fated and zombie filled vacation. After he accidentally kills his girlfriend and sawed his own arm off with a chainsaw, by some miracle he survives and awakes in a hospital with a new arm but unfortunately it belongs to the evil Colonel Herzog and the arm wants to kill him. 


This reminds me of Evil Dead 2 in the humor department, except this is an awesome continuation instead of a reboot. Anyway, with the help of a tiny internet fan club, Martin tracks down Herzog with aim to stop him raising a brand new army and threatening the world again. 



If you like dark comedy, you’ll probably like this movie, there’s a ridiculous cast of characters, living and undead and I found them hilarious. The interplay between the seriousness of the situation and silliness, somehow works. Not only is it sillier than the first movie, it’s more of everything, more gruesome, more blood and guts. And magic 🧐🤔. 


Also made by Tommy Wirkola, run time is 101 minutes and the movie is in English.



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