Macabre...ish Horror Review: Deadlocked



Deadlocked, 2020/ 78 min.


Five people are trapped in an elevator and on top of being stuck, one of them, Jackie, is suffering an asthma attack, another, Connor (Nick Champa) is ill and getting sicker. One, a police officer radios for help but none is coming any time soon because everyone is busy with whatever is happening outside.


The electricity keeps going out and there’s a scuffle outside. Those in the elevator need to get out before something bad happens. And Olivia (Taylor Tunes) is the only one with a plan.


Soon they discover what’s ailing Connor and it’s not good. And whatever’s happening outside is so bad that someone is begging to be let into the disabled elevator.


There are still communications via cell to family and some of their concern about is causing them to take dangerous risks. But there’s no alternative, help isn’t coming.



Y’all know I’m a fan of low budget horror and this was made with $10,000 budget. For a micro budget movie this was very good! There wasn’t a lot of blood and gore but there were jump scares and suspense. No major zombie transformations but decent zombie acting and they do roar. Plus they show us what some people see and think while they’re changing.


This is directed by Josh Bailey, not to be confused with the 1970’s Deadlock. This’ll be good for fans of horror but not schlock and gore. The cinematography, score and pace is good. I enjoyed this one!