Macabre...ish Horror Review: Death Bell



Death Bell, 2008/ 1 hr 28 min. South Korean Horror/Thriller. The students seem to be on edge and nervous all day. A few seemingly going insane, others just seeing things and freaking out. And others are caught in traps places around the school and presumably killed.



And the next day 20 high school students take an elite class to prepare for a college exam and suddenly the tv turns on. On the screen is the top ranking member of the class, in a tank, slowly filling with water, a voice over the PA system tells them that they must answer questions and if answered correctly they live, if not they die. They are also warned to not try to leave the campus. They fail to answer the first question and the student drowns.


The students try leaving class and find a teacher beaten to death, so they return to the class to answer more questions, also making a plan to split into 2 groups, to answer questions and come up with an escape plan. The get killed off one by one and by the end we find out that disgruntled parents are responsible for all this and are getting vengeance for the unfairness of wealthier parents getting their kids an unfair advantage.


This movie is pretty good. It’s got some jump scares and some pretty scary dream sequences and intense flash back scenes. It’s also very eerie, students going insane, the gruesome deaths and the prior ‘happiness’ of the students, kind of freak me out. It becomes bleak and hopeless pretty quickly.


Expect torture, expect it to be bloody, graphic and grim. Often a tough watch. Also the audio is Korean and has English and Spanish subtitles. Enjoy!


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