Macabre...ish Horror Review: Death Note



Death Note, 2006/ 125 min.

A movie based on the Japanese manga and series of the same name. Asia is being inundated with mysterious deaths taking place, seemingly, randomly and everywhere. All who die are criminals. Convicted criminals, suspects and those who’ve gotten away with their crimes. Eventually someone does take responsibility for these deaths and calls themselves, Kira. And the aim seems to be to cleanse the world of these people in order to have a utopian society, a world free of crime. But in order for this to happen, Kira must kill all criminals and others deemed unworthy of life.


How is Kira killing all of these people and getting away with it? With a notebook. Found on the ground one day, he soon understands that any name written in the book, results in death for that person. Written inside the cover is the name Death Note,



and explains that it will only work if the name is written and the face is in their mind, that way people sharing the same name won’t be impacted. Also, if the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of the name, it will happen, otherwise, cause of death will be heart attack. 


Also, this Death Note is actually owned by a Death God or Shinigami, named Ryuk. If you find a Death Note and don’t want it, you pass it on and Shinigami will erase all memory of it. And only those who have touched a Death Note can see a Death God.



Kira turns out to be a son of a police officer, named Light. And Light’s father is tasked with finding this mass murderer named, Kira. And he’s connected with a mysterious and eccentric detective named L, to do just that. He only communicates via computer and in place of his face is an L. Even his voice is altered. Until the end when he meets the task force. L crouches instead of sitting, only consumes sugar and enjoys the game of catching bad guys.



L and Kira are in a battle of wits to see who wins in the end.


This is a good movie and a good story! It’s Japanese but there are English subtitles.

It’s not scary and bloody, it’s just a good thriller! And there is a Death Note 2. Enjoy!


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