Macabre…ish Horror Review: Death Race: Beyond Anarchy



Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, 2018/ 1 hr 51 min


The US economy has spiraled out of control, unemployment is high. Police are overwhelmed and crime has exploded to unprecedented heights. Many cities are steeped in corruption and violence. The government reacts by building an enormous containment wall that encloses, 88,000 acres of a ghost town and the Sprawl is built, prison which is contracted to Weyland International to maintain and manage this behemoth. It is the largest privately run penitentiary in the world.

A brutal game known as Death Race is an institution at the Sprawl, inmates live and breathe the sport to the point of it being a way of life. A race to the death for a chance to rule The Sprawl.

It is later deemed immoral and made illegal yet the race lives on and is bigger and more popular than ever. But thanks to some talented inmates, Baltimore Bob (Danny Glover), Lists (Frederick Koehler) etc. it is still streamed online on the dark web and funds their outfit with bets on the race, via a bookmaker, Goldberg (Danny Trejo). The warden (Cameron Jack), however, is hellbent on shutting it all down.

The SWAT team is sent in and doesn’t come out and they aren’t just killed, they are savaged and it’s all streaming live. It seems the only way to end Death Race is for some one other than Frankenstein (Velislav Pavlov) to win. But there is a catch, the Warden wants his death to be Live. Maybe one in a group of newcomers will be up for the challenge.

This movie was ok, I watched it because of the cast. More of the same, lots of violence, lots of graphic killing, lots of adult scenes and nudity.