Macabre...ish Horror Review: Death Valley



Death Valley, 2011/ 1 season, 12 episodes.



A black horror comedy mockumentary and it’s like Cops but with vampires, werewolves and zombies. It’s about about a new LAPD division, The Undead Task Force or UTF. The UTF is followed by a news crew during the hunt for monsters roaming San Fernando Valley.



It’s violent, graphic, gory, bloody and over the top. With some adult scenes and language. Few sexy vampires and werewolves here, the gore is gross and the monsters are nasty. More gross and ridiculous than scary, though jump scares are to be expected. Lots of fight scenes and the comedy has a The Office feel, much of the time.



Since this is filmed in a documentary style, expect some shaky cam. The zombies are a mix of fast and slow zombies, the werewolves talk and the 4th wall is often broken as every once in a while the production crew is attacked by zombies etc. Its a tad heavy on the sexual innuendo for me but other than that, it’s fast and fun!


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