Macabre…ish Horror Review: Deathcember



Deathcember, 2019/ 2 hr 23 min


This is an advent calendar themed holiday horror anthology. From a story about a gluttonous kid that binges the candy from calendars and is turned into a calendar treat, himself. To a ‘karen’ and a cashier going toe to toe when she demands to make a return without the receipt. No reason is too big and everything is a weapon.


A double crossed, double cross heist of a jewelry store and the crooks are all dressed as Santas. Eerily singing a carol as many lay dying. A dying child kept alive by Christmas Carols. Day after day, year after year until even he can’t take it anymore. 

This is only a few of over 2 hours of Christmas horror shorts!


The shorts are all very varied, different languages, feel and subject matter but keeping with the holiday twist. All within the framework of the advent calendar concept. The physical effects run the gamut in terms of realism and budget. Some of them are also very disturbing while some are kind of silly. This was generally good though, well thought out and entertaining.