Macabre…ish Horror Review: Deathwatch


Deathwatch, 2002/ 1 hr 35 min


Nine of the British army are lost and takes refuge in a corpse filled German trench, teeming with rats. There are a few German’s alive but the British can’t understand them. Something happened in this trench, to these men, other than war.

The walls of the trench bleed, the rats feast on the dead and the living and the barbed wire animates the dead and kills the living.

The remaining German soldier tries to warn them about this cursed place but as expected, the English do not believe him. Not just that though, the war still rages all around them plus the echo of war past that only exists on this trench or the minds of those that occupy it.

Mistakes are made, people are losing their minds and people die as a result. The only remedy is to leave. If only the ones in charge can be convinced to go. As the men continue to unravel, the evil that lives in this place destroys them and to the one who survives, makes itself known. Until the next lost soldiers arrive…

This is a slow burn and when there are reveals and kills, it makes them all the more shocking and dramatic. It’s a psychological horror with good effects. It is gory but not overly so, it is mostly mud and rain mixed with bodies and rats. Oh and Andy Serkis! Enjoy!