Macabre...ish Horror Review: Deep Blue Sea


Deep Blue Sea, 1999/ 105 min.

After a shark escapes an under water scientific facility, a corporate executive, Randall Franklin (Samuel L. Jackson) is sent to investigate. While witnessing an experiment with one of the sharks, it attacks the lead scientists, Jim (Stellan Scarsgard), and bites off his arm. In an attempt to have him air lifted for medical care, a deadly chain of events is sparked during a storm, he’s dropped into the ocean, killing the pilot, the operator, Brenda and sinking the facility, deeper under the sea.



The remaining inhabitants of the facility, carefully attempt to climb the levels, hoping for a way out. Meanwhile, a shark used Jim as a battering ram to breech a porthole, weakening the structure. And subsequently chases the everyone else up the levels, killing most of them as they go.

Preach (LL Cool J),



the facility chef kills 3 sharks after one eats his parrot. Susan (Saffron Burrows), one of the research scientists almost gets herself killed trying to retrieve her research. Then admits to breaking the law and making the Sharks smarter and as the result the sharks are plotting. Then later sacrifices herself to save the few that are left. Carter (Thomas Jane) the shark wrangler, realizes the sharks are smarter than they thought and is purposefully causing them to sink the facility so they can escape out of the weaker mesh fence.



This is a good movie. I really enjoyed it. There are bloody and graphic moments. It’s well paced and has a great cast! Well done!


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