Macabre…ish Horror Review: Deep Blue Sea 2



Deep Blue Sea 2, 2018/ 94 min



Illegal fisherman are catching sharks, cutting off their fins and releasing them. After being warned that they are in danger, sharks begin attacking their boat and a group of them in formation, knock the men into the water and feed on them, relieving the fishermen of their limbs.


Another man on a boat arrives and with a remote, communicate with the sharks who retreat.  It turns out these bull sharks are from a facility run by pharma billionaire, Carl Durant (Michael Beach).


Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre) a shark conservationist and her team is invited to the facility known as Akhelios. Durant want to show her that he has genetically altered the brains of the sharks and he can control them with a device. He displays the effectiveness by tossing Aaron (Nathan Lynn) into the water. But Misty knows this is a bad idea.


Later, Durant gets word that the sharks have escaped their enclosure and that they are getting smarter. Durant explains that he invited Misty because his female bull shark is acting very strange and he is trying to figure out why. Misty concludes the shark is pregnant.


When the shark wakes up unexpectedly and is dropped into the pool, the trauma triggers birth. Just in time for the facility to be breached and flooded, the newborn sharks are tiny, fast and ruthless. As the humans run for their lives, up to the surface, one by one the sharks are taking them out, in one gruesome way after another.


From decapitation to being sheared off at the waist, these sharks are smart and fast. When help finally arrives, a giant shark leaps out of the water and intercepts the drone.


If they cannot kill these monsters before they go out to sea and breed, the oceans will no longer be safe anywhere, they will be the monsters people already think they are.


This film is directed by Darin Scott. This film is not the quality of the first but the kills are more varied and much more gory. The CG is ok and does the job but the physical effects are much better. Some of the lines are groan inducing but kind of cracked me up. I think the shock factor of this movie makes up for some of the lines and the lull. There were some unreal scenes but they sure made the movie fun. This turned out better than expected.