Macabre…ish Horror Review: Deep Blue Sea 3



Deep Blue Sea 3, 2020/ 1h 39m



On Little Happy, an artificial island near South Africa, Dr. Emma Collins (Tania Raymonde), is continuing her father’s work with her team Miya (Reina Aoi), Shaw (Emerson Brooks) and Spinnaker (Alexander Bhat) and friends Nandi (Ayumile Qongqo) and Bahari, protecting Great White Sharks. Nearby, another conservation team led by Dr. Richard Lowell (Nathaniel Buzolic) discover’s Bella, the bull shark’s body tangled in fishing line. She was an aggressive and dangerous shark who was responsible for terrorizing the waters over the last few years.


Three of Bella’s offspring still live though, full grown now and recently devoured 3 great white sharks in what is known as the nursery. As well as a team member, Brown (Brashaad Mayweather), had his lower half bitten off at the waist. His face still determined with his hands still holding on to his underwater thruster, gore trailing behind.  Emma decides, with Richard’s help to sedate and capture the biggest shark. But Richard think’s they should be hunted and removed from the eco system entirely.


After one of Emma’s friend’s, Bahari (Siya Mayola) is eaten by a shark on a fishing trip, leaving only an arm behind, Richard informs Emma that these sharks are even smarter than their mother, adapting much faster to climate change than the whites and explains the events of the last two movies. He warns them all that these sharks cannot be allowed to breed.


A mercenary, Lucas (Bren Foster) and his men Schill (Deville Vannik) and Earls (Earnest St. Clair), connected to Genotic Labs takes Richard’s command and decides to steal the one captured shark, kill everyone and destroy the island, after a confrontation with Richard, Emma and her team.


Now they have to survive mercenaries and deadly sharks but also lure the bull sharks back and kill them before they breed.


This third Deep Blue Sea film is directed by John Pogue. And for a third in a series it os actually pretty good. Good cinematography and pacing, good shark moments but sometimes shaky and cartoonish CG. Really good to over-the-top but thrilling kills. This is also very gory but not as gory as the second film. A few moments did take me out of the movie, the first fight scene and that super soaker/nerf gun. I loved all the minorities and kick ass women in this! I really enjoyed this movie!!