Macabre…ish Horror Review: Deep Dark



Deep Dark • 
2015 • Horror/Fantasy 1h 19m


Hermann Haig (Sean McGrath) is an artist. He makes art that is social commentary in the form of mobiles. He hangs out with artists and manages to get a spot in a gallery but has never had any success at it. When his mother (Mary Lewis) rents out his room while he’s still in it, Hermann seeks help from his successful uncle, Felix (John Nielsen), who offers him his old studio apartment. But Herman is stunned to discover he has to pay rent to live there.


Out of desperation, he tries his most ambitious piece yet but it blows up in his face and all over everyone else. In an attempt to not get kicked out of the gallery, he asks for one more chance and if he fails, he’ll quit forever.


So he calls Uncle Felix again and asks to rent the place for 2 weeks and moves in. It’s a dump. For $400 (for 2 weeks) he gets a 14 X 18, dank moldy box with a view of the dumpsters and a chain link fence. Perfect.


After a week of failure and a sudden urge to cut off his thumb, he notices someone has passed him notes through a hole in the wall.

And other than notes on a string, he gets some kind of objects wrapped in biological material . Which he hangs from his mobile. When he finally finishes his piece, the gallery won’t take him back and he gives up.


Then one day, a voice comes out of the hole in the wall. The voice (Denise Poirier) promises to help him make more mobiles after he miraculously gets a major gallery contract. All he has to do is spend time with the hole in the wall. But when he starts spending more time away from the apartment and with Devora (Anne Sorce) the gallery owner, things change.


•Did I mention Herman has a stalker? He does.


One day she breaks into his apartment and goes through his things, puts on his deodorant then she looks through the ever gaping hole in the wall. And something pretty horrific happens and not just to her, others too but that’s for later.


And one day, before his solo show, the hole in the wall changes up the terms. Quality time is no longer enough and it’s gonna need a lot more if Hermann is gonna finish all of the pieces for his show.


On top of that, he has to contend with a jealous rival. Who also breaks in a meets the hole. Just how far will Hermann go for his career? What is he willing to do?


This is a low budget indie horror and if you liked Killer Sofa, Creep Van or House of Bones, you might like this one. This movie kind of feels like a feel good slacker movie and turns into a very odd fever dream. There is some blood and gore plus a sexual scene. Prepare for a lot of unknowns in this one but I gotta be honest, I really enjoyed