Macabre...ish Horror Review: Deep Rising


Deep Rising, 1998/ 106 min. This sci-fi action movie makes the list because the tentacle monster is scary as hell! So first, the setting is a luxury ocean liner, that’s cruising with very wealthy passengers which attracts grifters and ruthless hijackers. And at the same time, from the ocean depths something else comes on board, what can only be described as a Kraken! And it’s come to feed and feed it does on the thousands of wealthy revelers. Leaving the bowels of the ship piled with gore and skeletons after they’ve been consumed and digested. 


After the initial blood bath, there are still survivors on the ship and they attempt to band together to survive and find a way off before its too late. Except the survivors are mostly criminals who have their own interests in mind, that really adds drama to this already messed up situation. 


Then we find out that the ship’s owner hired the hijackers because building the ship has bankrupted him and he’s hoping to recover his losses from the insurance. The sea monster is just an added bonus, the grifter, an added nuisance.


This is a good movie! It’s got everything, blood, gore, explosions, gun fire, a great monster, good story, good ending. Never a dull moment and plenty of recognizable faces. I would’ve loved a sequel!


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