Macabre...ish Horror Review: Demon Knight



Demon Knight, 1995/ 92 min.



Two vehicles crash on a desert road, a Collector in pursuit of a drifter but the drifter gets away on foot, taking refuge in a Church turned boarding house. The Collector tells the sheriff that the drifter in a dangerous thief and is in possession of an artifact.



The Collector does a summoning ritual in blood and demons arrive. Meanwhile, the drifter, Brayker, pours blood out of the artifact, around the building, protecting it. It works but the Collector possesses people inside the building. The other’s try to escape through old mining tunnels but are thwarted by demonically possessed towns people.



Brayker then tells the borders the story of the artifact and how it came to be and the blood inside the artifact, the last of seven keys, is filled with the blood of Christ. The guardian of the key is immortal until it’s past on and the key is then replenished with the former’s blood.



This fight has been going on since the Earth was created and the keys were scattered throughout the Earth and will continue as long as the key has a guardian and a demon hunting it.



Lots of recognizable faces in this one...Jada Pinkett, CCH Pounder, Billy Zane, William Sadler, Dick Miller, Thomas Haden Church etc. It’s graphic and violent, gory and gross, with nice effects. Billy Zane is hilarious and the demons are gross and gloppy, seemingly born out of mucous. This is a fun little horror flick!