Macabre...ish Horror Review: Demons 2



Demons 2, 1986/ 91 min.





This movie begins as if the film in the first movie, took place in reality and this is the reality in that film. Residents in a high rise are watching teens who trespassed into a city ravaged by an outbreak and walled off. One of the teens discover's the corpse of a demon but then accidentally revives it by bleeding on it.





Brooding birthday girl, Sally, locks herself in her room, watching the teen waking the Demon. Suddenly, the demon seems to notice she's watching and pushes it's way through her tv and attacks her.





Sally is transformed at turns almost all of her party guests into monsters.





Bile eats through the floor, into the building, short circuiting the electrical system and infecting a dog, turning into an evil 2 headed dog muppet. A kid, home alone is also transformed into an evil demon kid.





And with the building rapidly filling with monster, the residents are trapped in the building, the result of the fried electrical system. And apparently the building is a fortress because no one can get out. And when a pregnant couple do get out, it's because they rappelled down the building.


If you've seen the first Demons then you notice, many actors from that movie are in this one but as completely different characters. I like that there's a lot of fight in this movie and the effects were of the same quality as the first. And I enjoyed the different kinds of demons and transformations in this one!



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