Macabre...ish Horror Review: Demons




Demons, 1985/ 85 min





A mysterious masked man gives a university student, Cheryl, 2 tickets to a free movie screening at Metropol. She with her friend, Kathy arrive at the show with other ticket holders. Quite the mix too, amongst them, a blind man and his daughter, preppy college guys, a pimp and his 2 prostitutes, one of which, Rosemary, scratches her face when she randomly puts on a mask displayed in the lobby.






The film they're watching is a disturbing film about teens who discover and dig up Nostradamus' old tomb. Once open, they do not find a corpse but a book and a mask, just like the one in the lobby. When one of the teens puts on the mask and is scratched by it, the viewers watch him transform into a monster and slaughter his friends.


Meanwhile, Rosemary, feeling ill, goes to the restroom and has her own grizzly transformation





and attacks Carmen first. Once she transforms in front of the audience in the theatre, all hell breaks loose as the audience flees





and many are attacked and also transform. And with the population of demons growing, the uninfected find themselves locked and trying to survive.





This is one of my favorite movies! Gross, graphic heinous transformations and kills. I really enjoyed the physical effects. There is also another that is and isn't a sequel. It has many of the same characters as this movies but with a different story but same Demons. And the same quality. For Demons 2, click here.


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