Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Descent



The Descent, 2008. Friends, in an attempt to get away and lift the spirits of one who recently lost her husband and daughter in a car accident. Suffering the anguish of loss, ptsd and survivors guilt, Sarah, agrees to go. 


The group is off to North Carolina explore underground channels and enjoy some adventure. During this trip Sarah realizes a heartbreaking truth between own of her ‘best friends’, Juno, and her now deceased husband. And also finds that she’s the only one who didn’t know. This trip is Juno’s idea, to bond and mourn together, what she sees as a joint loss and on this ill fated trip that she’s planned, to an uncharted and unnamed cave channels that she hopes they can conquer together and name. 


From the beginning the endeavor is fraught with problems and dangers, when the group discovers Juno’s surprise. And now they’re in danger, no one knows where they are if they can’t find a way out. Soon they discover they are not alone as this is home to humanoid, underground monsters. Not only that, they’re being hunted for food!



There’s a fight for escape and survival as one mistake, accident and cave in after another, thwarts their very survival. They fight to survive until the bitter end until finally, Sarah and Juno face off, in a moment of complete understanding, on Sarah’s part, of who Juno is. And in a sudden flair up, she take out her rage on Juno and that fury also, by some miracle, finds her way out. 


Very awesome! Full of jump scares, paranoia, darkness and claustrophobia. Oh and blood, guts, a giant, heinous poop pond...graphic and good.


I was surprised at how much I liked this movie. It also has a pretty good ending. Descent 2 is a good continuation and with the same actors.


If it’s not streaming anywhere, you can find it on here on itunes! 





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