Macabre...ish Horror Review: The Descent 2



The Descent 2 is the 2009 continuation of the Descent and Sarah Carter has escaped from the underground horror that she and her friends were lost in. She is traumatized and cannot speak but the local law enforcement wants her help to recover the others and return to the underground maze. Unfortunately she has no choice because they also believe she has something to do with their disappearances.


Sarah is accompanied back into the cave system by the sheriff, a deputy and a rescue team. With her new fear of the tight channels and the monsters that live within them, they follow the remains of her girlfriends and their gear back through the caves.





Desperately trying to stay alive and resist flashbacks, once again, one by one, each member of the party is hunted by the cave dwellers or succumb to the treacherous environment. In the final act, Sarah and the lone deputy are fighting their way back to the exit.






...and discover, one of the ‘friends’, Juno, is still alive.






The 3 women battle and entire colony of humanoid monsters for survival and escape.





Gory, graphic, jump scares...all of that. This movie is as fantastic as the first. As a matter of fact, I always watch them back to back for one 3 hour movie. It is in sequence and has the same actors and as far as I know, location.



Oh and there’s a twist at the end. And to that I always say 🖕🏼🖕🏼.


This movie is available on here, if you can’t find it streaming.



Enjoy, fellow fiends!! 




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