Macabre...ish Horror Review: Devil


Devil, 2010/ 80 min.


Something very strange is happening in a high rise in Philadelphia. A series of seemingly innocent and seemingly unrelated events happen at the place on the same day. Most deadly or potentially so.


It all begins with a man jumping from the 35th floor of a building and landing on a delivery truck below, rosary beads in his hand and an ominous suicide note. It’s an odd suicide and only one of many.



Shortly thereafter, six strangers are trapped in the elevator of the same high rise building: a mechanic, a mattress salesman, a security guard, a veteran and two women. Then the emergency call doesn’t work. Neither do cell phones. And no one in security or maintenance can figure it out.



At regular intervals the lights go out and one of those instances, the younger woman, Sarah Caraway, gets bitten on her back. Immediately the other occupants began to suspect each other.


The next time the lights go out, someone dies. Other’s begin hallucinating the death of everyone in the elevator. And one of the security guards believe it’s all the work of the devil. One detective is trying to figure it all out.



They all fall, one by one, as their secrets are revealed and the true nature of what’s happening is revealed.



Good cinematography and sound track. I like the story and not knowing what’s going to happen next or where it’s headed. It is narrated and is dialogue heavy. Nice surprises and twists that will be missed if you’re only half watching. I enjoyed it!




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