Macabre...ish Horror Review: Dexter


Dexter, 2006-2013.

Dexter (Michael C. Hall), orphaned at 3 years old after witnessing his mother being murdered by chainsaw, and adopted by a police officer,  Harry Morgan (James Remar). Raised in Miami, his father recognized his disturbing, homicidal tendencies and instructed him on how to channel that passion is a more constructive way. By focusing on and choosing bad guys, criminals, such as rapists, pedophiles and other reprehensible people who preyed on the innocent and somehow avoided justice. 


Dexter also has a career in the Miami Metro Police Department as a forensic technician, where he gets to entertain his curiosity and interest in blood as well as cover his tracks in the event one of victims are found. Dexter also has siblings, a sister and cop, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) who he’s really close too (So close that the actors actually married in real life.) and a biological brother who is also a serial killer. 


I really enjoyed this series. Good story line,  good twists and surprises. Between Dexter’s day job and ‘side’ job of hunting and killing, the flashbacks and his daily life, it was all very interesting and well done. Especially the first few seasons. It is bloody, gory, it’s also tense as he navigates his world and keeps it all together. And the narration is a nice touch. 



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